• A Wonderful Piece of Jewellery

    "I can't tell you what wearing the Talisman has done for my confidence, giving me a sense of freedom and security. It was a gift from a friend and to repay her I'm taking her to the National Portrait Gallery and on to the Ritz for tea. As a result of my new found confidence I have booked a holiday to Iceland, hopefully to see the Northern Lights. Thank you very much for your wonderful piece of jewellery."


                            S BELL, ILFRACOMBE

  • Thank You SOS Talisman

    "About a year ago I bought my mother a gold SOS Talisman bracelet and she fell in love with it, refusing to ever take it off. A month ago she had a bad fall whilst out shopping. The paramedics recognised the Talisman and acted promptly on its information – my mother suffers with a chronic disorder. She is now up and about and feeling well, but it could very easily have been different. Thank you SOS Talisman." 


                            R ANDERSON, GLASGOW

  • Superb Service

    "What a superb service! I have had my Talisman bracelet for many years but recently whilst gardening I damaged the chain. I took it to my local jewellers to have it repaired but they weren't able to match the links. Having phoned your office, they despatched the replacement links to my jewellers who received it the very next day. Thank you all once again - I feel confident when wearing my bracelet."


                            F ASH, DERBY

  • Catering For All Tastes

    "I had a real problem deciding which SOS Talisman to choose. You really do cater for all tastes. The problem was that I ended up buying three different types because I couldn't make up my mind. My husband says I'm really naughty, but if you do have an accident you don't want people noticing your jewellery doesn't match your outfit do you! Seriously though, your product is a brilliant idea."


                            L HAMILTON, BEXHILL-ON-SEA

  • Proof of Value

    "I purchased an SOS Talisman when I was diagnosed diabetic. When I lost it ten years ago I immediately purchased a new one. To my surprise a local Water Board workman returned the original a few days ago having found it in a drain where it had been since I lost it. They were able to open it and read all the details. If proof of the value of your product is needed, surely this is it."


                            D C NORMAN, LONDON

  • Such A Clever Present

    "I am nine years old and love my grandad a lot. Mum got me one of your watches to give him for his birthday. He likes it a lot and wears it every day. He says I am a clever girl to think of such a clever present. I didn't tell him it was mum who thought of it but she doesn't mind. He is very old, over fifty years I think, and he always makes me laugh but mum says has low blood pressure."


                            CHLOE, SHEFFIELD

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