About Us

A rich history, a lasting legacy

SOS Talisman, a registered trade mark of ADEVA, has been trading in London for over 30 years, a business originally established by the present owner's father who thought that the idea of helping people in trouble was a business he'd like to be involved in – offering a simple yet effective means of communicating vital, possibly life-saving, information about an individual in case of an accident, illness or emergency. And he was right, the business flourished.

Over the years, many famous people have championed the SOS Talisman cause, as can be seen in the historic images here. We have many loyal customers who have come back time after time, but we are just as keen to help a new customer with any queries about purchasing their first talisman.

SOS Talisman is recognised internationally by the emergency services – a reputation that has been built by offering a reliable, valuable and cost-effective service to all of our customers over many years.

Don't be persuaded by our impersonators – make sure you contact us, the original and only registered SOS Talisman provider.

You can buy direct from us or you can contact one of our nationwide suppliers detailed on our 'where-to-buy' page. Simply browse our product range pages, make your choice and either ring us direct on 020 8554 5579 or contact the supplier of your choice.

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