Jewellery that says a lot about its wearer



Recognised internationally by the emergency services, SOS Talisman is an attractive range of jewellery that comes in many styles – but with an important job to do. It instantly provides vital information about the wearer in case of an accident, illness or emergency.

It can contain whatever information you wish. Who you are. Who to notify in an emergency. What allergies you may have. Your blood group. Whether you’re taking any medication. Are you a diabetic, heart patient or pregnant?

It’s all detailed on a unique information strip of non-soluble paper that’s securely contained in the SOS Talisman capsule, which is both water-tight and heat resistant, yet easily accessible in an emergency.

There are many styles of SOS Talisman to suit all tastes and budgets. Once you’ve chosen the one for you, in no time at all, you’ll want to wear it at all times. Safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by SOS Talisman.

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